Monday, December 13, 2010

Life demands other projects...

Hello all,

It is with substantial sadness that I hereby declare that my project to take over the Uptown cinemas is hereby on, at best, indefinite hold, and realistically, more likely is permanently ceased as of now.

This decision comes for a number of reasons, ranging from difficulties that I've had maintaining traction on the project, to, most recently, my partner of 4 years and I deciding that it was time to move on.  I think without her in my life (in the same way, at least -- I do very much imagine that we'll stay friends), that it's time for me to do some life re-evaluation stuff that I've been thinking about anyway.  Which very possibly means that I'll be leaving the country in the not-too-distant future (for an unknown period of time), so... running a theatre here would certainly be impractical, if I do that.

On the other hand, perhaps the re-exploration will re-invigorate this interest, and I'll pick it back up at some point.  Only time will tell.

For now, though, I wish to thank all of you who have lent your support, from small words of encouragement through help with research, and various other things along the way.  Your help and/or encouragement has truly meant a lot to me, even though this project has seen little in the way of outward activity.

Final note:

If anyone else is interested in helping to make the Uptown re-open, I would be happy to share information that I've obtained, and/or encouragement, and/or provide help in other ways.  I think it's a great space, and deserves to live on as a theatre.


- David

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