Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Call for Volunteers

Well, today has been a busy day.  Alas, it has been busy almost exclusively with things unrelated to my efforts to save/re-open the Uptown.  And tomorrow is looking to be... different, but similarly occupied.

So, I'm making a public plea:

Anyone interested in helping me in my efforts, I could use some volunteers to help me with (at this point) various research projects.  Right now, research is the main thing I'm looking for -- finding names and numbers for people to talk to, figuring out costs and things to put into a business plan, looking into funding possibilities, things like that.  A lot of it can likely be done on-line with your web browser.  Other stuff might require phone calls, or going downtown.  I'm happy to only give you tasks that you're comfortable doing, though.

Your efforts would be greatly appreciated, of course.  They'll serve another purpose, too, though: Having people reporting to me on things will help me make sure this task stays at the forefront of my priorities, and continues to move forward.  And in thanks, there's likely a little something in it for anyone who helps out... Perhaps it would be worth helping, just to see what that might be?

So, drop me an e-mail, and we'll talk about how best you might be able to help.

In the future, I'm sure other sorts of volunteers would be handy, as well.


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