Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Contact with the owners

1st contact has been made!  After some time spent doing other research and behind-the-scenes planning work, I've just called the ownership of the Uptown space.

I just spoke with Claire, the wife of Craig, who, according to someone at AMC yesterday, is the person in charge of the company that owns the space.

She tells me a few things:

  • Craig has been getting lots of calls about this space, "as you can well imagine".
  • AMC's lease on the space continues through, she thinks, 2014.
  • Craig and other interested parties are currently in the process of trying to ascertain AMC's intentions.
I also told Claire a tiny bit about me, and what my interest was.

She says she'll get back to me.  In the mean time, I have some contact info for people at AMC; perhaps I'll try talking with them directly, as well.  Hopefully Craig will give me a call back, though, as well.

More to come!

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