Monday, November 29, 2010

The Neptune: Also closing, or changing forms?

I just heard on KUOW that what has already been rumored on SLOG is confirmed: that The Neptune in the U-district is also slated to close, in February.

I'm afraid it's beyond my scope to take on that cause, as well.  One theatre is all I can handle, at least for now.  I'm I'm successful with the Uptown for a while, then I might be able to consider helping out with others, as well.  For now, though, my focus will be exclusive to the Uptown.

The good news, though, is that there are rumors that STG is to take over the Neptune, and turn it into a performance venue.  Here's hoping it does in fact stay alive, one way or another -- I'm all for live theatre, as well, so I'd likely be supportive of such a move.

Good luck, Neptune!

More status updates on my mission to re-open the Uptown coming soon.

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